Selenium-Webdriver (Java)

shop Core Java and OOP
Understanding and Implementing all pillars of object-oriented programming and working with other java tools and to start using Eclipse IDE.
shop Automation with Webdriver
Selenium-Webdriver is the most powerful Open source Automation tool which runs directly in the browsers using their javascript. Most importantly, knowing the strengths of Selenium-Webdriver for browser automation and enhancing with Desired Capabilities.
shop Wait Strategy
Using implicit wait and also understanding explicit wait of different kind and behaviour
shop Element Locators
Most important skill set required for finding elements uniquely on a web page and in process getting the knowledge of Firebug and Firepath.
shop Controls and POM
Decorating different web-element or browser controls with wrapper classes for increasing reusability and customized approach. Then also implementing Page Object Model(POM) for the application.
shop Working in Framework
DSetting-up and creating files with our directory structure and implementation with different configuration environments and reporting.

Webddriver (Javascript)

shop Why Javascript
JavaScript was also the language that was used by earlier Selenium versions and it is still used by Selenium webdriver to perform some actions. For e.g. Selenium has Xpath implemented in JavaScript for IE, to overcome the lack of Xpath engine in IE. Technology like AngularJs and React are giving rise to many more JavaScript Automation Testing Frameworks.
shop Understanding Javascript
Going through Javascript syntax, classes, variables, operators, functions and events.
shop JS Frameworks
Protractor, Jasmine with karma and cucumber-mocha are the most useful javascript testing frameworks.


shop Why WATIR
Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. Cucumber+Watir-Webdriver creates simple but effective BDD framework. Watir-WebDriver is implementation of WATIR API wrapped around Selenium API. Watir’s API is easier to use and has more features whereas in Selenium every web component is web-element.
shop Understanding Ruby Basics
Ruby is an open-source and fully object-oriented programming language. Understanding Language Fundamentals and implementing OOP
shop Framework Features
It does automation with almost all browsers and provides ability to run tests locally or remotely with additional parallel automation and cloud automation.


shop Sausage Library
It is a end to end solution and great tool for making everything work with Selenium Webdriver + PHP. This is a set of classes and libraries that make it easy to run your Selenium tests, either locally or on Sauce Labs with the help of PHPUnit.
shop PHP Basics
PHP is another object-oriented programming language. Main focus will be on conditions, control flow and functions in php classes.
shop Framework Capabilities
Sausage comes bundled with Paratest (for running your PHPUnit tests in parallel) and optionally Sauce Connect (for testing locally-hosted sites with Sauce).

BDD Frameworks

shop What is it
Behavior Driven testing is an extension of TDD where tests are written in plain English like language. Tests are explained as behavior of application and are more user focused. Here test data is provided in test itself using examples.
shop Frameworks
Cucumber and Gauge in java, Cucumber and Rspec in ruby and jasmine in javascript are most famous BDD frameworks.
shop Features of BDD
Tests are written In plain English language due to which there is collaboration between Business stakeholders, Business Analysts, QA Team and developer ie extends Test Driven Development (TDD) by utilizing natural language so that no.n-technical stakeholders can understand. BDD is popular and can be utilised for Unit level test cases and for UI leveltest cases.