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End to End scenario from Jenkins with cucumber reports and git

This video tutorial covers:-
1) PhpTravels booking scenario with Page Object Model and cucumber
2) Jenkins job execution with GIT repository
3) Cucumber reports


This video tutorial covers CSS Selector for Identifying Web Elements for Selenium Scripts and webdriver.
Topics included:-
 > Locating Elements by Attribute 
 > using class and ID attribute
 > Locating elements with More Than One Attribute
 > Locating Child Element in hierarchy
 > Contains in css selector
> CSS of element when attribute NOT contains a specific value

Event held on Saturday 9 Feb 2019

Creating a simple selenium-cucumber Maven project in ecliipse

Watch this video tutorial for creating simple selenium-cucumber project

> Steps to create a new maven project in Eclipse

> Adding dependancies to pom

> creating features, step-definations and Test-runner


Event held on Saturday 24 March' 2018

Understanding Maven on Command Line

Watch this video tutorial to understand maven

>Creating Project from command line

> Running project from command line

Held On Saturday March 17  2018

Cucumber Parellel with maven and selenium-grid

Watch this video Tutorial which covers:-

Selenium-cucumber project
understanding cucumber-jvm-parallel-plugin hosted on github.temyers
Understanding selenium Grid with hub and nodes

Held on Saturday 19 January 2019

Maven Installation on Windows

Maven is a project management tool, based on POM (Project objectmodel) 

Watch this video tutorial which covers

> Maven advantages

> System Requirement

> Downloading and extracting Maven Archive

> Set Maven Environment Variables

> Verify Maven installation

Held On Saturday March 10 2018

Cucumber Advance Features Part-1

Watch Recording of our Webinar on Cucumber Advance Features
Topics included in this webinar:-
> Parameterization 
> Background
> Examples Table
> Data Tables
> Optional word in cucumber step

Held on  Saturday 12  January 2019