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We have carved out 6 month Industrial Training program for B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA Aspirants aspiring to be Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET) where equal emphasis is laid on Manual Techniques, Automation, Performance Testing and API testing. This specialized course for fresh passed graduates is of 130 classes.

6 MONTH INDUSTRIAL TRAINING SCHEDULE (SDET) (1)Manual Techniques (20 classes)

a) What is Testing
b) Basic Testing tools and Interface
c) Basic Test case Management Tools
d) Some Basic testing process and Scope for fresher’s
e) Choose the tool and best fit on the integration
f) Flashback on the project and learning(Test Management)
g) Test for performance evaluation


(2) Webdriver Automation (60 classes)

a) Java for QA processes
b) Introduction To Automation Testing and Selenium Webdriver
c) Eclipse
d) Automating webapp
e) BDD with Cucumber
f) Setting Up Maven Project Management Tool
g) Understanding Framework
h) CI Tools
i) Selenium Grid
j) Connecting to cloud
k) Appium


(3) API Testing (25 classes)

a) Knowledge on Java language.
b) API Architecture
c) API Testing with Postman
d) API Testing with curl
e) How to write API Testcases and manage it.
f) API Test automation in eclipse IDE.
g) Implementation of API Test Automation Framework
h) Using cucumber features in API Automation.
i) What is Middle-ware?
j) Middle-ware test automation.
k) Converting into Maven Project, understanding POM and adding dependencies
l) Database Testing and Database Test Automation.
m) SQL, Database connectivity.
n) Project integration with UI automation Framework, database and API Automation


(4)Performance Testing (25 classes)

a) Introduction
b) Running JMeter
c) Introduction to Elements of JMeter Test Plan
d) Building a Test Plan
e) Adding Users
f) Recording Tests Using JMeter
g) Handling the dynamic server values
h) Parameterize with test data
i) Adding Assertions to the test script
j) Building a Monitor Test Plan
k) Running Multiple Scripts with JMeter
l) Reporting and Analysing the Results