Intern property and equals method of immutable String class in Java

//String is immutable because it always creates new object in memory.

String abc = "Ram";                                              //takes new memory

abc = "Shyam";                                                     //takes new memory

abc = "Ghanshyam";                                             //takes new memory

What is String intern?

String Interning is a property of storing only one copy of each distinct String Value, which must be immutable.

//Now Lets explain this with example:

String a1 = "cat";

String a2 = new String("cat");

String a3 = "cat";

// here (a2) reference is a new object in java memory when compared with (a1) and (a3) because we have explicitly asked java to allocate new space in memory with "new" keyword.

whereas (a1) is the same object in memory and no new object is created when compared with (a3) because both of them have same content and we have no "new" keyword. 

//For verifying all this we have (==) operator which checks object equality in java and returns boolean.

System.out.println(a1==a2);                                                  //returns false

System.out.println(a1==a3);                                                  //returns true

//equals() method

Normally Java programmers are advised to use equals() method and  not ==, to compare two strings. This is because == operator compares memory locations (object equality), while equals() method compares the content stored in two objects (content equality) and returns boolean.

System.out.println(a1.equals(a2));                                                  //returns true because content is same


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